“...I took a photo after the first night using it, just over two weeks ago and then mid trying to fix my eyebrows today I realised how soft my skin was and how my dark spots have faded, which for yonkies I've been trying to fade! It's literally all thanks to this "konjac sponge."... I also started this when using benzac caused me to develop a rash and within 2 days of using the sponge the rash + dry skin was gone. I can't stress enough how much I love this product!”

“My skin was going crazy, it was painful and wasn't nice to look at... My skin has cleared up a great deal and I am only left with a tiny bit of acne redness/scarring which is fading each week. I use my konjac sponges morning and night after my cleanser.”

“...you can see the difference in my skin. I used the lemon konjac sponge with my charcoal soap or face wash, mornings I used the sponge & face wash I make & evenings i just used the sponge.. my scarring has started to fade more & more even tone all over .. I also get less breakouts from using this combination & like how easy the sponge is to use!! I have bad back acne which is getting better & better.”

“About a month ago I got the charcoal sponge off your website and I just wanted to say it's amazing. Like I can't believe the difference it's made already!!!! I'm already so much more confident, I attached pictures of my back because it was worse than my face haha! I've told sooo many people about this and will definitely use it again and again”


“I have found the charcoal sponges great I have lots of breakouts and since I have been using konjac sponge they have lessened and the redness has gone away. I find it difficult to find something that helps my skin but I have enjoyed using the sponge especially because it does not sting my skin and it isn't hard to use.”

“I have quite bad acne but after just 2 weeks of using the Konjac Sponge my skin has cleared up a lot ”

“No noticeable breakouts since using and in the after photo my skin is practically clear! Best of all I didn't have any breakouts before my ball on Saturday night and there was no irritation after wearing makeup from Saturday night. Like I said, I usually break out every couple of weeks but as of yet I haven't. Very impressed!”

I purchased one of the charcoal sponges at the Wellington lifestyle expo and I am absolutely blown away at how amazing the product is. I am 23 years old and still get breakouts like a teenager and I have used this product once and my skin has never felt better!
Thank you very much, I am going to let all my friends know about your product.
Kind regards
Gina McLaughlan

Well today my daughter Lucy used her sponge for the first time (she is 15 and as i said to u soooo hard to get her to focus on skin care).  Well her skin is looking soooo very different...it simply isn't as oily and is instantly glowing ....and not dry!  LUCY IS THRILLED!!! This is the first day, so what is in store, I don't know ...I am excited.    I am thrilled because these sponges were NOT expensive, and are so easy and quick to use....I am also using one on my exzema on my skin, I did use this morning, I will get back to you about how it goes... I AM A FAN!!!!!
Thank you

Thank you for the voluteer trial offer but I have been using these for 3-4 months now.  They are awesome and all my acne has disappeared! I love these sponges.
Bex Kennedy

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your service, whoever your replacement was has big shoes to fill. Thank you so much for replying on your return from leave, then and most importantly following up with a call to not only me but also the courier. The extras was icing on an already great cake. It really made me feel like a valued customer and I have now referred so many of my friends to the site and will shop again with you, all thanks to your service. Thanks once again, real customer service is so hard to find these days so thanks for being different.!
T. Hellesoe

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Konjac Sponge Organic Skincare Review

Check out this review from an organic natural skin care company in Italy who lab tested and trialed our sponges. The review is in Italian so use Google Chrome when you view and click on the translate button up the top!